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About Us

Hi there……my name is Brian Carroll and I am the founder of this site, Interview-Coaching. I am a highly experienced interview coach, who for more than twenty years have been helping people to prepare and rehearse for their job interview. My home-office is located in Mooroolbark – within the Shire of Yarra Ranges, Victoria

I run a consulting business called Performance Development. One of the services we offer to organisations is helping them to improve their recruitment practices – partly by helping train their managers in how to effectively conduct structured job interviews.

My experience in recruitment means that I understand what interviewers are looking for. As an interview coach, I have worked with people from many different occupations – with backgrounds in marketing, public relations, sports coaching, law, human resources, medical professionals, university lecturers and senior executives.

I am a registered psychologist and have developed this site to admittedly promote the interview coaching services that I offer – but also to offer tips and guidance that can help people better understand the dynamics of the job interview and how to prepare and present confidently at the interview

  • Why Interview Coaching?

You may well ask what is the benefit of seeking interview coaching? ……. Well one benefit can be the opportunity to rehearse for your all important interview and gain some useful feedback on not just the quality of the content of some of your answers, but just as importantly is some feedback on how you are answering the interview question.

Whether we like it or not, the reality of what actually affects the impression that an interviewer(s) forms of us is influenced not just by what we say, but also by how confidently and fluently we say it. Substance and style go hand-in-hand when judgements are made about our capabilities and whether we will “fit” the corporate culture of the organisation and the team.

But interview coaching should not just be about highlighting shortfalls in how you are presenting yourself, it should also affirm your strengths and help you appreciate where you are doing well !

You can learn more about me and the training and coaching services that we provide , if you are interested, at Job Interview Coaching  If you live in Melbourne, Australia and are looking for a highly experienced interview coach, then why not give me a call to discuss whether I could be of assistance in your interview preparation.

But enough now of this self-promotion – I hope that you enjoy the tips and video clips offered here at Interview Coaching.

Interview Coaching Melbourne