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Career Change

We’ve been takling a lot about interviews and how to prepare for them, but a more fundamental question that we need to stop and ask ourselves is “Will this be the right job for me?” There’s really not much point in winning a job that’s not right for you and won’t give you the satisfaction that you need.

Stop and think about a career change

I would like to share with you Miranda’s story, who had the courage to change not just her job – but her career direction. It is a lovely reminder that you need not remain trapped in a career just because you’ve been doing that type of work for a number of years.

Her career change has involved a period of some sacrifice (for example, a significant drop in salary), but offers her the opportunity to rejuvenate a sense of purpose and passion that has been lacking for a while.

      • Miranda’s Story

“At 27 years of age, I am a full time university student. This is not as a result of having failed my course multiple times, but through having an epiphany one night.

I worked as a Marketing and Sales manager for over 5 years. I was used to the early starts, late nights and taking work home with me. Over dinner with friends one night I found myself complaining over the most trivial of things, does blue text or red text better entice my customers to purchase product X?

This is when I realised that my career, the thing by which I define myself, was baseless. Upon retirement will I be proud of myself for all that I had accomplished? Will I have made a difference to my community? No. I will only have aided in further stimulating the economy by marketing products that very few people wanted or needed. Concerning myself with gross profits, margins and target audiences soon became tedious and I quickly begun to resent my job.

Whilst I was having this crisis of career identity, I was volunteering with an organisation that aims to integrate autistic children into mainstream schooling. I had volunteered with this company on and off for over 10 years. Working with speech pathologists and occupational therapists I soon realised what my true calling was.

So, after much thought I quit my job and applied through VTAC for an undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology. This ticked all of my ‘must haves’. Will I be proud of my career accomplishments? Will I have made a difference to my community? Yes.

After receiving my letter of offer I enrolled and have not looked back. I am happier, focused and excited for the future.

What is interesting to note is that through my experience and changed perspective a number of my close friends are now questioning their careers and putting into place the steps needed to change and better themselves. One friend has taken up part time studies to become a nurse, whilst another is enrolled in a post graduate diploma of education next year. It is never too late to follow your heart and enjoy a career that is stimulating and fulfilling.

I just hope that my story might inspire others. Whilst leaving stable and full time employment is daunting, the outcome, a career that is perhaps better suited to you is definitely worth following.”

Career planning for success

Thank you for sharing your story Miranda ……… and for those of you who may be seeking some inspiration to help you with your own career planning, or perhaps in considering a career change, a fabulous page to visit is Inspiration

Career Choices – know your values

The following short video clip makes the point that most people will change their careers during their lifetime, so don’t fear that any career choice you make now has to be forever.

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