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Common Interview Mistakes

Interview training and interview coaching can help you to avoid some of the most common interviewing mistakes. And what are they are?

A recent study identified the most common mistakes made by interviewees. More than one thousand employers responded to the survey. Arriving late was rated as the most frequent interviewee mistake, followed by….

  • Displaying little knowledge about the company and the scope of its operations
  • Displaying insufficient knowledge about the position applied for
  • Failing to clearly articulate what they had to offer
  • Adopting an overly casual approach
  • Failing to answer the interview question that was actually asked

This last mistake is often caused by interviewees being too tense and hence, they either forget the questions that are actually asked of them, or they misinterpret them. Consequently, in their answers they often end up going off on a complete tangent, which creates the impression they are not good listeners.

If this sounds like you, try and take a deep breath before you answer, so that you allow a moment for your brain to properly digest the question. And if you’re not sure you’ve grasped the meaning of the question, never ever be afraid of asking for clarification.

This is where gaining the benefit of some interview training or interview coaching may help to reduce some of the anxiety that you may experience. You will be able to prepare for and practice answering questions during a rehearsed interview.

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