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Building Interview Confidence

  • Tips for Building Interview Confidence

Three quick  tips for managing  job interview nerves include ….

  1. Feeling that you are well prepared
  2. Remaining mindful of your strengths, skills and achievements, and what you have to offer
  3. Keeping things in perspective – the forthcoming job interview is not the only way of progressing your career, there will always be other opportunities that wull arise

Patricia Stark offers some great advice in these brief clips on how to approach the job interview with more confidence.

She reminds us that nerves are natural and common for most people when they are presenting for ani nterview, but to channel the nervous energy into enthusiasm. Also, confidence comes from feeling that you are well prepared, and she offers some sound advice on what you need to do before the job interview.

If you can cultivate an attitude that the job interview is just a discussion, and it as much about you assessing them as it is about them forming impressions of you – then perhaps you will not be quite so nervous.

If you would like to view some personal development video clips on the broader theme of self-confidence, then visit the webpage  Building Self-Confidence

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