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Job Interview Tips

Seven Quick Job Interview Tips

  1. Plan to arrive early to the interview, so you’re not feeling rushed
  2. Try to remember the names of the interviewers, and use their names during the interview as a rapport builder
  3. A nice firm hand shake, with eye contact and a friendly smile, when you first greet your interviewer(s)
  4. Pause at least for a moment before answering each interview question – this allows you time to collect your thoughts and projects composure
  5. Avoid slouching in your chair – an erect seating posture helps you to project confidence
  6. Remember to maintain eye contact with your interviewer
  7. Generally, aim for around one, up to one and a half minutes for your reply to an interview question ……any longer than this, and you may be waffling and providing too much detail
  • Listen and Remain Calm

Here’s a brief clip that offers some great tips on the importance of listening carefully to the interview question …..

  • Answering Common Interview Questions

Two of the most common job  interview questions are discussed and some examples of good answers suggested …..

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