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Job Search Resilience

Job search can be a gruelling experience. It’s just not comfortable for many people to “put themselves out there” and potentially risk “rejection”.

It becomes a test of endurance in some ways, to be able to persist and persevere in the face of disappointment. It’s disappointing when you invest a lot of time in preparing an application and responding carefully to the requirements of the selection criteria – and you’re not offered an interview.

It can be even more disappointing to score an interview, feel that you’ve presented pretty well – and yet subsequently be advised that someone else was offered the position.

Yes, it can definitely get you down ….. if you let it! What we’ve got to do is remind ourselves that becoming dejected and disheartened will not help us in our job search. We must stay positive, so that we are in the correct mindset to be able to recognise potential opportunity when it presents itself.

So, how can you retain the resilience to persevere? Here are some ideas that might help …..

  1. Regularly remind yourself of your achievements in life, and what you have been able to  accomplish in the past despite facing challenging circumstances
  2. Your strengths and skills will be enduring. Do not fear that after a few months they will be lost – they were years in the making
  3. Maintain healthy routines …….. Allocate time to ensure a balance between work, rest and play. Your work is now job search – but be careful it does not dominate your life at the expense of adequate rest and play
  4. Surround yourself with positive people – who will encourage and support you
  5. Be careful that you do not take being unsuccessful at an interview too personally. Learn from the experience, but do not dwell on it. How can you improve yourself for next time? If the reason for missing out was a skills gap or an experience gap, perhaps some volunteer work on the management committee of the local soccer or football club could be a partial remedy. If it wasn’t so much a gap, but more that you did not present yourself in the best light, then perhaps some interview coaching might help. In other words, instead of moping around feeling disappointed, take action and do something to get better for next time
  6. To lift your spirits, listen to some music that gets your energy and juices pumping – or read something that is inspirational (eg. Nelson Mandela biography) or get out and go for a jog. Do not allow yourself to become immersed in self-misery. Visit Inspiration for some motivating quotes, video clips and music

Remain positive and optimistic

Heaven cannot help the man who is not willing to take action”

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