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  • After The Job Interview

In this brief clip, some good advice about how and when to follow-up with the organisation after the interview …

  • Composing A Thank You Letter

A great method to set yourself apart from other job applicants is the “Thank you” letter that you should send to the interviewer within a day of completing your job interview. What should such a letter include? ….. Well here’s some good advice in this clip ….

  • Staying Positive, Despite Temporary Setbacks

What if you find out you’ve been unsuccessful, and they have offered the position to someone else?

Well, for one thing try and get some feedback from them and ask whether they may have any suggestions in terms of how you can improve. Remember to be gracious in your dealings with them – even though you may be feeling disappointed.

The key is to remain positive in your attitude, so that any frustration does not impact on your future job search or interview success next time around. Try not to take the decision too personally –  learn as much from the experience as you can by taking some time for self-reflection.

A great video clip on the theme of staying positive and not letting temporary setbacks derail you in your quest for interview success features life coach, Jeff Gitomer. See what you think of his advice for how to keep a positive attitude …..

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