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Acing The Interview

  • Behavioural Interviews

There are an increasing number of organisations who are using behavioural interviewing as their primary interviewing method.  The approach is based upon asking the applicant to provide specific examples of when they have displayed required key job capabilities.

Some examples of behavioural questions can include ……

“Tell us about a time where you displayed leadership?”

“Give us an example of a difficult customer you encountered recently, and how you dealt with the person?”

“”What methods do you use to plan and organise your work?”

The following video clip briefly describes some of the characteristics of the behavioural interviewing method …..

  • Project Some Energy & Enthusiasm

Some more good advice on handling the interview and answering behavioural questions, including the importance of being seen to have some real enthusiasm for both the job and the organisation.

  • Common Mistakes To Avoid At The Interview

This clip offers some useful reminders about interviewing mistakes to avoid, including talking too much and not really knowing much about the organisation.

  • A Time To Sell Yourself

This is a short clip in which the speaker offers some tips on different ways of selling and differentiating yourself at the job interview. You have to remember that the job interview is not a time for modesty, it is the time to promote your capabilities and achievements ….. after all, if you don’t, who will?

  • Questions You Should Ask

This video clip offers good suggestions about some of the types of questions you should ask at the end of the job interview, when you are invited. The right questions are another way in which you can display that you have done some homework on the company and that you sincerely interested in the position.

However, just as important as having prepared some intelligent questions to ask the interviewers, is being aware of the questions you should not ask ……

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